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The following Brands & Services.Brought to you by THE PALSON GROUP

About the Group

The Palson Group is a results oriented sales and marketing company. Based in Australia we focus on major international markets including Australia China and India bringing innovative products and services to the right people at the right time, in the right way.

The total aim of our organisation is to provide a conduit between parties in order to make the end transaction as problem-free, fast and as successful as possible i.e. “providing innovative business ideas and solutions with a difference”.

We combine the best elements of modern sales and marketing practice to bring buyers to sellers and manufacturers to diverse and profitable marketplaces. We work with products as well as concepts, capital and equity raisings and facilitation of a wide range of individual client driven mandates.

Our clients differ by industry product and service, but are common in their passion and dedication to a results focused conclusion. At The Palson Group we too have an unquenchable desire to bring success to the brands and services we represent.

Currently our activities include working with companies in financial services, franchising, horticulture, property sales and marketing, renewable energy projects, software development and sales and wholesale hardware marketing. Our past corporate and individual involvements include working with and for companies such as:

   • Cinca Australia Pty Ltd
   • Dragon Investment Group Pty Ltd
   • Macquarie Bank Ltd
   • Primary Asset Consulting Pty Ltd and
   • Sustaintech Ltd.

What results can The Palson Group achieve for you?


East West Capital Management


East West Capital Management Pty Ltd

  •  Managing interborder investments
  • Faciliating sensitive transactions & opportunities
  • Enhancing asset performance


Brilliant Foods Australia

Welcome to Brilliant Foods Australia



Wherever you are located, Brilliant Foods Australia brings natural, quality Australian and New Zealand made foods to your door.

不论您身处何处, 澳大利亚精彩食品公司可将产于澳大利亚和新西兰的优质自然的食品送货上门。


We are an Australian owned and operated company with more than 30 years' international manufacturing and distribution experience.  We source and deliver products for our customers worldwide, with the aim of delivering the best value and remaining supplier of choice.

本公司是澳大利亚拥有和营业而我们有三十年的生产与跨国销售经验。 可为世界各地顾客提供超值优质和种类众多的产品。


All products are made in Australia and New Zealand, using natural Australian and New Zealand ingredients.



Shipping your order is fast and reliable.



Our Range of Organic & Conventional Products   有机和常规产品范围

Milk Powders   奶粉类

Baby and Infant Milk Powders   婴儿奶粉

Australian and Manuka Honeys   澳大利亚和麦卢卡蜂蜜

SuperFoods   超级食品

Fruit Powders   果粉

Cereals   早餐谷物

Organic Fruits (in season)   有机水果 (当)


We are expanding our international distribution.  Interested in working with Brilliant Foods in your country?

Contact ep@palson.com.au


www.couriernow.com.au is an online comparison and booking site.

Comparing Couriers to Save You Money & Time

World Leading Brands.

Free Freight Management Tool.

Retirement Village Living

Retirement Village Living has a strong focus on retirement lifestyle and are committed to developing and maintaining vibrant communities for retirees and senior citizens.

Retirement villages have a strong sense of community offering a large range of accommodation options including independent living units, services apartments, low care, high care and respite facilities.

As part of RVL's philosophy to provide the complete retirement lifestyle, retirement communities feature a range of facilities, services and activities including leisure, recreation and healthcare.  They provide the services that remove the responsibility and burden of maintaining a home as well as offering a caring environment with plenty of social interaction.

Retirement villages and facilities are staffed by highly trained and experienced professionals whose key aim is to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of our residents, focusing on day-to-day living, security, service and care.


Danasia Berry Corporation Ltd continues growing as one of the largest raspberry producers and exporters in China.

The company has developed multiple sites stategically located around the country.

The Palson Group is assisting the company's marketing and sales expansion.

Hambleden Herbs

Natural & Certified Organic

Herbs, Spices & Infusions

Now available in Australia & New Zealand

Orion Property

Palson advises Orion Property Company Pty Ltd on its marketing and positioning strategies in Australia and overseas.

Orion represents and markets a range of high quality Australian property investments nationally.

Please refer to the Orion website for detailed information on property locations, availability and investment potential.

Online Expos

Why would online-expos.com be the world's most powerful online tradeshow system?

  • Easy to manage: User-friendly administration makes online expo easy to use & promote.
  • Entirely customisable: Individualise your Expo & Stands with branding, style and layout to suit.
  • Packed with features: Blogs, e-Commerce, Live Chat, Statistics, & multi-media presentation tools.


This is quite possibly the most powerful online tradeshow system available, remarkably simple to manage and completely customisable. Features range from e-commerce and live chat, to easily tailored multi-media presentations. No special applications are required to view content and every expo is optimised automatically to allow users with lower bandwidth to still be able to take advantage of special expo features.

Silvertrees Web Development has worked for over 10 years in the creation of online systems – websites, data-management and multi-media delivery. As a mechanism for instant and interactive contact with an audience, the internet has no equal, and it seemed to us a logical (and necessary) step to take one of the most expensive and complex ways of promoting business – i.e. THE TRADE SHOW and bring it online in a simple and inexpensive way.

Hardware & Glass

A new system focusing keyword based domains into one sales and enquiry management tool. It delivers all this in a revolutionary way, leveraging search engine functionality (Google, Yahoo etc) and unique dynamic page presentation techniques.

There are 3 components to the system: 

1 You can direct literally hundreds of keyword based, generic or specific domain names to the website – and through simple to use management tools – quickly and easily create unique content for each.


2 You can include any number of associated companies and instantly provide them with stand-alone websites.


3 Every company/category/product which has been entered into the system is also immediately integrated into a sales and enquiry management tool. The customer can (if this functionality is required) purchase items directly from anywhere within the site, and such purchases are managed according to the business rules of the company.


This system is fully functional and a live version exists for a company acting as a portal and enquiry/sales management interface between Western customers and Chinese suppliers of hardware and glass.